Why Employee Recognition Matters in Restaurants

Employee Recognition

Your staff is on their feet for hours on end, each and every day – cooking, serving, bartending, cleaning, and whatever else it takes to get business rolling.

How often do you show them your appreciation? When we get caught up doing a million different jobs, we sometimes forget about the little things like – recognition.

Regularly recognizing your employees’ hard work is a great way to get them on their A game. It also sets an example for the rest of your employees – I mean, who doesn’t like being praised?

If you’re wondering why employee recognition matters, especially in restaurants, here’s why:

Improves Work Culture

Promoting a healthy work culture is a great way to retain employees. Today, 75% of restaurant employees are Gen Z and Millennials, and we all know, they especially don’t want to work in a toxic environment.

By recognizing your employees’ hard work, you’re already taking a step into improving your work culture. When your work culture improves, you attract more employees that want to do their job. When your employees do their job, your restaurant succeeds, thus bringing in profits. It’s a simple formula.

Improves Overall Mental Health

There’s a mental health crisis going on all over the country, but especially in the foodservice industry. Unemployment rates have been through the roof since the pandemic started. More and more people are quitting the restaurant industry because it’s taken a toll on their mental well-being.

Most of the time, restaurant employees are overworked and underappreciated. This becomes draining and leads to mental health issues. When you as a restaurant operator consistently show them that their efforts are valued, they will feel their hard work is finally acknowledged and will continue to shine.

Improves Overall Performance

We all know how much the restaurant industry struggled these past 2.5 years. Many restaurants are finally getting back on their feet. The last thing anyone wants is to fall back down again. Employee recognition plays a key role in improving the overall performance of your business.

Whether your employees are picking up an extra few night shifts or helping behind the bar when you’re understaffed, by recognizing their dedication, you give them the motive to want to continue their hard work.

This also creates a domino effect. More and more of your employees will want to go above and beyond when they notice their coworkers are being praised.

When your staff is on the same page and brings out the top of their game, the overall performance of your business goes to an all-time high. Your bottom line increases, your customers stay loyal, and everyone is happy. It’s a win-win situation!

Employee recognition matters in all industries, but especially in foodservice, where your employees can feel at the lowest of their lows. Recognize your employees’ hard work. Treat them fairly. Reward them. This will bring out the best in them, we promise.

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