Technology Can Be Scary, Not Embracing It Is Even Scarier

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We get it. Restaurants tend to be very resistant when it comes to technology in the back-of-house. I was the same way. 

The idea of ditching my inventory clipboard for an iPad or ordering online as opposed to calling my rep just wasn’t the way things were done. At no fault of our own, we fell victim to inefficient processes just because we had been doing them for so long.  

As technology began to be embraced in other areas of the restaurant, why was I still stuck doing these manual tasks that could easily be automated to free up time to do what I love. Cooking great food for my guests.  

Now I’m not saying everything you do in your kitchen needs to be automated.  There is a time and a place for analog. 

I love putting on an old Townes van Zandt record on a rainy Sunday morning, but I also love the fact that I can go for a run and have unlimited access to music right on my wrist. 

The same could be said for back-of-house restaurant technologies.  

Why spend hours sorting through invoices updating your recipe costs when you could build them using software by simply snapping a photo of an invoice and updating those costs in real-time? 

Why waste man hours taking a physical inventory when software can instantly tell you your real-time amounts and usage anomalies? 

Sick of stacks of paper invoices? Easily digitize them to be stored in a digital filing cabinet. Your accounting team could now have access and export them directly to your accounting software. 


Think of all the other ways that technology has helped save you time to focus on other tasks in your personal life. It’s time that you brought that same methodology to your kitchen.  

Our Food Cost Management software is an easy way for you to automate everything from inventory, accounting, recipe costing even paying your vendors. 


Ready to take the leap into the digital age? Schedule time to get set up today! 

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