Smart Inventory Management Leads to Bigger Profits

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Walk into a restaurant kitchen today and it looks very different than it did even 10 years ago.

Back then, you would see clip boards and check lists – even hand drawn inventory levels on notepads.

It gives me anxiety just thinking about all the manual processes that restaurant chefs and owners had to go through back then.

Restaurants have notoriously been slower at adopting technology.

But nowadays, restaurant kitchens have smart equipment to do a lot of the work for them and even robots cooking their meals.

Why are you still spending hours taking inventory and ordering ingredients?

Why are you manually county your inventory?

I didn’t hear a legit answer to those questions.

I’m still waiting…

If you answered “because I don’t trust technology to get the job done like I can” then you are lying to yourself.

Even you the know-it-all chef, the master of all things restaurant, can’t possibly be getting accurate inventory numbers and market prices with the naked eye.

Plus, don’t you have better things to do these days then spend countless hours taking inventory?

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the holidays. There is no way you actually like spending Christmas Eve in your walk-in counting potatoes and cans of soup.

It’s time to take advantage of technology marvels and embrace inventory management technology.

Not only can you put more time back into your day, not only can you get accurate numbers to make smarter business decisions, but you can also increase your profits by using inventory technology.

Your inventory levels help predict sales and revenue.

Use technology to get accurate inventory levels, prevent overstock, and shortages.

Inventory technology can forecast guest demand more accurate than any human and give you a clearer look into your cost of goods sold.

Accuracy is key to inventory management.

If you’re working off accurate inventory counts, you’re making smarter forecasting decisions, and creating more opportunities for increased profits.

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