No More Manual Inventory Management

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No more manual inventory management.

You read that right. No more long nights counting 75 oranges for your brunch beverage menu or cans of tomato sauce for your signature pasta.

No more spreadsheets or old school clip boards. Those are so 2000.

It’s 2022, the age of technology.

Taking inventory manually leaves room for human error.

Manually taking inventory means in no way are you getting full visibility into your inventory purchasing.

What happens at the end of the month when you realize you over ordered ingredients that led to food waste or were over charged for food supplies?

Talk about profits down the drain. You might as well have taken your cash, crumbled it up , and threw it away at that point.

You can’t afford that – no one can.

Manual inventory management leads to decision making based off inaccurate information.

It’s time to embrace inventory technology.

Take your inventory process from manual to digital.

You can’t say you’re scared of technology because let’s face it – you order clothes and shoes from your favorite online stores using technology. You run your loyalty program using technology. You even share your daily thoughts Facebook and engage in Twitter rants using technology.

Why not order your ingredients and take inventory using technology?

Inventory technology gives you real-time insight into your inventory levels, market prices, and food costs.

Stock issues and overcharges can occur when you take inventory manually – it’s only natural that the naked eye cannot identify every error or catch every inaccuracy.

Did you know that only 63% of the time is inventory accurate?

That means, 37% of the time you are working with wrong inventory levels or invoice prices.

The value of data and having complete visibility into your inventory is more important now more than ever.

Where is your inventory going?

What ingredients are being used the most?

Do you have enough ingredient to make your recipes?

It’s a tech-driven world these days and accuracy is key. Adopt inventory technology today.

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