Is Your Restaurant Offering Gift Cards?

gift cards

If you’re looking for ways to benefit your bottom line, look no further — gift cards are a means to easily increase revenue and build brand awareness.

It’s a quick transaction that automatically makes you money, regardless of the gift card actually being used. And sometimes, funny enough, guests only spend a portion of the amount on the gift card and forget about the rest.

Or they end up spending more than the initial amount purchased on the gift card. Let’s say they have a $50 gift card; they’re probably inclined to spend more on dinner since the $50 isn’t coming out of their pocket.

So, either way, you win!

Digital Gift Cards

In the world of technology, there’s not a single thing that isn’t possible to accomplish. With restaurants digitizing menus, payment methods, and even waitlists, it would be silly not to offer digital gift cards.

Nowadays, you can add your debit/credit card information right into your smart phone’s digital wallet so that you don’t have to carry around physical cards.

Consumers are always ordering takeout through their smart phones and with the click of a button, they can pay for their whole entire order automatically. It’s almost too easy.

Offering digital gift cards just conveniences them even more, so take advantage of it while you can.

Last Minute Gifts?

There is always a consumer looking for a last minute gift idea no matter the occasion—anniversaries, birthdays, work celebrations. Restaurant gift cards are a popular go-to, especially when they haven’t had enough time to put together a well-thought out gift or are unsure of what the recipient likes.

It’s even a great way to introduce someone to a new restaurant and build brand awareness. I mean, who doesn’t love discovering hidden gems?

Essentially, your brand becomes a marketing tool inside the consumer’s pocket. What a great way to turn new customers into repeat ones!

Employee Incentives

Incentivize your restaurant employees with a little extra cash. Offering them a bonus or a reward is one way to incentivize selling gift cards. You can make it fun and interactive and even throw a little monthly competition to see who reaches the most gift card sales.

This allows employees to engage with each other and with customers too. It’s an entertaining and friendly way to get your employees involved.


Offer gift cards at your restaurant, both physical and digital, and watch your profits soar!

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