Adding Ingredient Brands To Your Restaurant Menu

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Making effective use and adding popular food and beverage brands that your customers recognize and love has more than just an impact on your bottom line – it can also impact your brand reputation. Adding ingredient brands to your restaurant menu and signs can drive higher check totals.

It’s not all about slapping a brand onto your menus and crossing your fingers that people will notice. Your chef needs to also know how to successfully incorporate those branded ingredients into the food and beverages you are serving. Chefs often want all the credit. But when you can leverage flavors and products that people love in new ways – that’s a true art itself.

Let’s look at why including name brands on your restaurant menu can make them more profitable in the post-pandemic era.

The Perception Of Value

Calling out brand ingredients to your menu can give off the perception of a higher value or quality of the food and drinks you are serving. In fact, 57% of consumers say they are willing to pay a premium for name-brand foods and beverages when dining out By including well-known brands on your menu, you’re telling customers you’re buying the good stuff.

Most customers are brand conscious these days. They associate brand names with quality and value. For example, 49% of consumers agree that name-brand foods and beverages typically taste better. So, if your ingredients are supplied by popular and respected brands, try adding those brand names in your menu descriptions or on the front of your menu.

Attract New Business

Here are some additional industry insights that support how identifying brand name ingredients on your menu can drive more business:

  • 62% of consumers say they like to order desserts with brand-name ingredients at restaurants.
  • 37% of consumers say having their preferred beverage brand on the menu drives restaurant visits.
  • 54% of consumers say they’d be willing to pay more for sandwiches that feature brand-name condiments or spreads.

37% of best-in-class LTOs had brand mentions, proving that consumers find this appealing. Think of all the sales you are missing out on by not using popular manufacturers branded ingredients in your daily or weekly specials?

Encourage Repeat Orders

By creating “fan favorite dishes” using ingredients from popular brands, customers will keep coming back for more of those memorable meals. If someone is unsure of the ingredients in their favorite dishes, they may not order that menu item. Communicate that you are using their favorite brands. For diners, seeing a brand they know and love used on a menu removes the guesswork out of deciding on what to eat and if they will love it.

Resources To Help

Some branding adds value, and some detracts. Listen to this episode of the Yelp Restaurant Marketing School while they tackle the best ways to use a manufacturer’s brand to boost your brand profile.

Dining Alliance partners with leading manufacturers across the industry to give our members access to the brand name items their customers recognize and love at competitive pricing. If you aren’t already utilizing name brands on your menu, contact us today and we can help you get started! Start saving today!

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