4 Steps to Building a Better Company Culture in Your Business

Restaurant Culture

From running around on your feet all day to dealing with dissatisfied customers – there’s no doubt that working in a restaurant can be both rewarding and exhausting.

Long days, uncontrollable situations, and not enough pay. As a restaurant operator, it’s up to you to make sure your employees feel appreciated and welcomed. When your employees are happy, your restaurant succeeds.

Improving your company culture is one way to ensure your staff stays pleased and satisfied.

Let’s take a look at 4 easy steps you can take to build a better company culture at your restaurant.

1. Ask Employees for Input

Communication is key. It’s hard to read peoples’ minds which is why it’s important to ask your employees what they want. You’ll most likely get a variety of answers, and, having multiple choices to pick from when making decisions will be helpful.

Be sure to make this a regular thing. Peoples’ minds change quickly, and new problems can always arise. Making your employees feel comfortable and heard will help them open up about their feelings thus improving their work ethic

2. Ensure Proper Training

Giving each of your employees proper training ensures everyone is on the same page. Just because they know their ropes and have spent years in the restaurant industry doesn’t mean you can expect them to do everything right.

Every restaurant operates differently. Whether its your POS system, the way you greet customers, or your uniforms – every employee deserves proper, on-going training to make sure they’re prepared for anything.

Training should be purposeful and formal, but remember, don’t bore them. Online training, shadowing, 1 on 1 training, are all methods your employees should utilize so they’re prepared and never stressed about their performance. Make it fun!

3. Communicate Expectations with Staff

Like we said before, communication is key, and it goes both ways. If you don’t inform your staff of your expectations, how will they know what you want?

Building a good relationship with your employees is crucial but always remember to implement boundaries. If they get too comfortable, they may cross lines that you typically wouldn’t want them to cross.

Remember, you are still their manager, and they must look up to you and abide by the rules. Communicating your values and showing them what you and the operation stand for will give your employees a better idea of how they should perform.

4. Focus on Employee Recognition

Everyone likes it when their hard work is noticed. Recognizing your employees’ efforts and dedication will make them feel accomplished. This also helps set an example for others to follow.

You can even go the extra mile and reward your employees or throw an annual party to prove how much you care about them and that their efforts do not go unnoticed.

There are a million ways to show your appreciation, but even just a simple compliment will do the trick.

If you make this a regular thing, we guarantee your employees will consistently try to go above and beyond to meet your standards.

Building a better company culture is helpful for everyone involved in your operation. It promotes a healthy work environment, increases your bottom line, and keeps everyone satisfied.



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