3 Tips to Taking Better Food Photos for Your Restaurant Menu

Food Photos

When making a menu choice, customers want pictures. Along with reading what ingredients are in each plate they also want a visual, so you need to make sure the photos you include compliment the meal being described.

You can even use these photos to promote your menu on social media. If a customer happens to arrive on your Instagram feed and see your world-famous juicy burger with melty cheese and fresh crisp veggies, they are bound to come right in and order the meal they say.

Here are three tips to taking better food photos for your restaurant menu:

1. It’s All About the Lighting

It’s important to have the perfect lighting in your food photos. The right lighting can showcase the bright colors, textures, and art that went into creating each plate. If your restaurant naturally has a darker, dim lit atmosphere, make sure to put a spotlight on each of your plates when taking photos of them for your menu or social media promotions. Whether you decided to use natural sunlight or artificial lighting, make sure whatever you use brings the meal to life. There’s nothing more unfortunate than a poorly lit picture of a beautiful plate of food.

2. Angles Matter

Just like the perfect selfie, the angle of your camera can mean the difference of a potential dater swiping left or a guest choosing to try a specific meal. Your first assumption is to take the photo from on top of the food, but that does not always compliment the different layers of a meal. Try taking photos from a couple different angles such as from above, the side and even the inside if it’s a burrito, slice of cake or melty grilled cheese. It’ all about perspective. You are selling a meal so make sure to showcase the best parts. Include the entire dish and not just one component of it.

3. Plating is Key

Plating a meal is a true art form. It takes talent and a good eye to bring out the best setting for a meal. A clean plate can really make the different elements of a meal pop. If your menu item has a lot of color, use a solid black or white plate to really make those colors stand out. Serving a simple piece of salmon or chicken? Try garnishing them with simple edible ingredients like fresh herbs or pickled vegetables. A neat and innovative presentation can go a long way.

Restaurant content is more than just words on a page and an email you send your loyal customers. Photos play a big role in marketing your menu and increasing your profits. If a customer likes what they see, they are more inclined to dine at your restaurant. Invest in good lighting and at the very least quality smart phone with a good camera so that you can take clear and inviting photos.

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