How Are You Managing Your Restaurant Inventory?

restaurant inventory technology

Are you still manually counting your inventory? Are you placing orders for ingredients and recording everything used all by hand?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re sure to be missing out on extra profits and opportunities to reduce food waste.

What if we said there was a way to put more money in your pocket, minimize wasted and spoiled food, all while saving time in the long run?

As a chef and restaurant owner, you know long nights are just a normal part of the job.

But with a short staff and minimal coverage, how are you able to carry out daily tasks while maintaining business as usual?

Nobody has the time to count every piece of produce, every box of pasta, and ever frozen chicken breast.

You may not know it but there is a quicker easier way to take your inventory.

One that doesn’t take hours of counting and recording.

It’s called inventory technology.

I know, I know – technology is a scary word.

But I’m not talking about a human size robot walking around your restaurant shouting demands out at your kitchen staff.

I’m talking about technology in the palm of your hand, on the screen of your tablet.

Think about it – with technology, you can automatically process your restaurant invoices, keep track of your inventory counts, place orders, and even monitor the cost of your ingredients.

Easily set up your inventory using food cost management technology and you instantly have a centralized location where your inventory now lives.

No more clip boards or excel spreadsheets to keep track of.

So, would you rather spend more than an hour every day counting inventory, or 5 minutes?

Let technology do the work for you.




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